Ska has undoubtedly been a popular form of music since the late 1950s. From then on, it went through some highs and lows and was comprised of three eras. It is still popular today, and while some soloists and bands are no longer performing, new ones have come along.

A New Revival

There are some who think that at least in the West, that ska is going through a new transition. Some of the bands which performed during the three eras are now still producing music that is meeting the needs of the current day audiences. There are some acts that have been misclassified as being ska or reggae but according to the performers, this is not their genre. A good example of this is Sting and Shaggy who consider themselves to be into pop music.

The Mephiskapheles

This is a group which dates back to the 1990s and were quite popular. They are based in New York, and in the past few years, they began touring again. Their approach with their music offerings is more geared towards today’s audience. They have indicated that their choice of lyrics was inspired by Donald Trump becoming a candidate for the presidency.

Getting Into Ska

Those who are just getting into ska should do some reviews. Reviews are important for any industry, for example, a betting review Unibet exercise which is carried out, helps online gamblers determine which site is best for them. The same is applicable for ska reviews, as it helps to narrow down the choices of what is best for the listener.

Mighty Mighty Bosstones

This is a current band that is keeping ska going strong. They are active in promoting festivals such as Cranking and Skanking. One of their favourite releases is While We’re At It. Their lead singer Dicky Barrett thinks that ska music sends a prominent message, both on social and political topics.

The Specials

This is another ska band which has made a return. There are new members, as some of the older ones are no longer performing. They originally formed in 1977. Their approach is that of a slower style of ska, which nevertheless is very popular.

New Releases

For those who are just getting into ska music, there have been some great releases which include:

  • The Interrupters: Fight the Good Fight
  • Neville Staple: Ska Crazy
  • The Jolly Boys: Great Expectation

The Value of SKA Music

When ska first made its debut, it was just music created for listening. It was all about getting up to dance to the beats and was considered to be the perfect music to attract the girls. The premise is still the same today, although the audience has changed to a more modern generation. Artists who are famous for ska music have recognised this. There have been a few sceptics who believe that ska fizzled out after the 1990s, but the bands and soloists of ska today beg to differ.

This type of music is considered to be uplifting and can take people from a dark mood to a happy one. Even the attire which was worn by the performers back in the eras fit in nicely with the music style. Styles included narrow brimmed hats, Dr Marten boots and even suspenders. When it came to colours, it was predominantly black and white or checked patterns. While this may not be the style of the performers of today, the music is still having the same impact.

Today’s Approach

During the height of popularity for ska music, it was considered to be aggressive. The music as it is performed today does not fall into this category. There are more subgroups which are performing today.