Welcome to our site that is dedicated to ska music. It is a form of music that has been enjoyed by many dating back to the 1960s. It is also a genre of music that is enjoyed by all age groups as you will discover more about there. Some of the highlights of our ska site are as follows:

What Ska Music is All About

When an individual enjoys a particular type of music, they often want to know more about it. Such is the case with ska music. It has an interesting past. Although originating in Jamacia newer forms of it surfaced in other countries. Our post here will not only give you some of the history of this music genre but some other interesting details.

The Contributors

Many musicians contributed to ska music through its three eras and still do. There is an interesting post here that gives some great examples of who some of these artists were. They, along with all the others, made ska music popular and brought great pleasure to many music listeners.

Great Bands

There have been some amazing soloists in the ska genre, but there have also been some great bands, some of which are still performing today. For those who enjoy this kind of music, they will find our post here about some of the great bands to be most interesting. These were more prominent in the third era of ska music.

The Ska of Today

Some may think that the ska genre is no longer popular, but this is far from being true. There are many new bands as well as older ones still performing. There is a whole gambit of new releases. The post we have prepared on this topic lists just a few of these. This post is a most interesting one because it revolves around where ska music is today. It outlines some of the changes and talks about some of the bands that are still performing.

Hopefully, you are going to find this site to be most informative. It is meant to bring ska music to the forefront along with the other popular forms of music. Although all music has its own level of importance, many feel that ska music is uplifting and makes people feel good. It is the type of music that makes people feel like they want to get up and dance.

Be sure to take your time to review all of the important information that we have provided you with here. If you are not as yet into ska music then perhaps after your visit here you will give it some strong consideration. It is the type of music that can appeal to all ages.